Our Hero Ingredient

Aspalathus linearis, commonly known as Rooibos or ‘red bush’, is famed for its rich harvest of antioxidants, minerals and natural alpha-hydroxy acids – just what skin needs!

A beautiful mountain region, just 100 miles square, is the only place on earth the Rooibos plant grows naturally. In the Cederberg, two hours’ drive north of Cape Town, South Africa, the ancient soils and harsh climate gives the organic Rooibos extract its unique antioxidant profile. Watered only by the rain, nourished by the mineral-rich earth, the plant is hand-harvested and processed in the heart of the growing area.



Our exclusive extracts are made from fresh, green unfermented leaves to ensure the highest antioxidant levels are preserved for our skin-care products before they are manufactured in Cape Town. Rooibos is combined with natural plant extracts and vitamins to provide daily care and effective protection against environmental factors.


Enjoyed as a calming and refreshing tea, Rooibos is made from sun-dried fermented leaves. The mild flavour, the fact that it’s naturally caffeine free, and proven health benefits have resulted in growing popularity. It can be served hot with lemon, ginger or milk and sugar or as an iced tea.

The Rooibos used is certified Fair Trade, and local communities descended from the first people benefit from a levy on all Rooibos harvested in terms of the international Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit-sharing, which recognizes indigenous knowledge of medicinal herbs and plants.

Nature's gift from the Cederberg