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Tissue Oil

Tissue Oil

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Our signature product is this new generation lightweight oil for face, body and hair, with organic Rooibos extract in a 100% naturally derived blend of Sweet Almond Oil and Grape Seed Oil, with Soya Bean, Geranium extract and Vitamin E. This all-in-one beauty treatment in a spray-on bottle has many uses:

sprig Dry and dehydrated skin
sprig Fine lines and wrinkles
sprig Uneven skin tone
sprig Marks and blemishes
sprig Dry cuticles and brittle nails
sprig Dry scalp and lifeless hair
sprig Braids and dreadlocks
sprig Scars and stretch marks

It’s clinically proven with visible results in six weeks. Contains no mineral oil, colourant, preservatives or added fragrance.

Rooibos benefits

Rooibos is a herb that grows naturally only in the Cederberg mountain region of South Africa. It’s a proven source of antioxidants, natural alpha-hydroxy acid, zinc and other minerals. Our extract is made from pure certified organic unfermented green Rooibos leaves to ensure the highest level of antioxidants. Rooibos is also consumed as a health tea that helps reduce inflammation and acts against free radicals and oxidative stress, associated with many lifestyle diseases.

Clinically proven

Our Tissue Oil is clinically proven to show visible results in six weeks with daily use. Researchers at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Department of Wellness Sciences conducted independent tests to assess how well the Tissue Oil worked in treating scars from acne, surgical operations and burn wounds, stretch marks following pregnancy and weight gain, dry sensitive skin, acne and dehydrated skin damaged by exposure to wind and sun, dry cuticles and brittle nails and hyper-pigmentation. 

The regenerating effects were measured, using skin analysis and photographic imaging, after three weeks and again after six weeks, with visible improvements seen for all participants. 

These were some of the findings: 
- Scars less elevated and lighter in colour 
- Stretch marks on hip area less visible, more refined and lighter 
- Skin hydrated, more supple and less sensitive 
- Cuticles hydrated, flakiness visibly improved 
- Nails appear healthy and shiny and nail growth has improved 
- Skin on legs shows improved hydration levels, with less itchiness and surface flaking 
- Acne scarring is significantly improved and less visible 
- Acne is clearing up and less congestion noted 
- Acne scarring on cheeks and chin less visible with fewer breakouts 
- Burn wound scar significantly improved – almost invisible 
- Hyperpigmentation visibly improved and appears lighter on chin and upper lip 

Put our Tissue Oil to the test yourself and see how well it works for you.

Before and after results

The Tissue Oil has a five-star rating from reviewers in our UK store. And over the years, in South Africa, we’ve been contacted by some really special customers who have shared their before and after visuals of the dramatic results they’ve achieved.

Debi has shared an experience many women have – the devastating news of breast cancer. After a tumour was removed in 2019 she was left with some pretty nasty scars. After radiation, once she was allowed to, she starting applying our Tissue Oil. This is her feedback:

Thank you

“After having a tumour removed I was left with very vivid scars and burn marks under my breast from the radiation. All I used was African Extracts Tissue Oil and the scars have really healed and faded quickly, and the radiation marks have disappeared. My oncologist was amazed at the difference after only a few weeks.”



One of our most inspiring users is Melonie, a former South African who is now living in Canada. She suffered the most horrific burns all over in a petrol fire in 2007 and spent two long years in hospital. This is her amazing skin journey:

I am a true living proof believer in this product

“Being a burn victim, my skin does not have pores that work like normal skin. My skin dries out in seconds. The sun is a big problem. I apply the Tissue Oil every night and every morning, once it absorbs I add the night or day cream. I will apply the tissue oil more often if I have been in the wind and sun and my skin feels dry and tight. In 30 seconds you would never know I applied an oil.” 

BEFORE                                                     AFTER

A natural alternative

Your skin and hair love oil to help prevent moisture loss and restore suppleness and shine. But, starting with baby oil and moving on to big-brand body oils, many companies use synthetic mineral oil as their primary ingredient.

Why not choose a plant-based, natural alternative? Our tissue oil has loads of organic Rooibos extract and Vitamin E in a blend of pure grapeseed and sweet almond oils. Both oils are known for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and success in treating dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, with fatty acids to help control acne, and retinoids that help counter sun damage.

We prefer to use sustainable sourced, natural plant-based ingredients because they are good for you and the environment. And they work!

Our tissue oil is clinically proven with visible results in 6 weeks in lightening scars, stretch marks and hyper-pigmentation, as well as soothing dry, sensitive skin on the face and body, and treating flaking cuticles and brittle nails. It’s a top-to-toe beauty solution rooted in the restorative, healing power of nature.

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Your skin and hair love oil to help prevent moisture loss and restore suppleness and shine. But, starting with baby oil and moving on to big-brand body oils, many companies use synthetic mineral oil as their primary ingredient. Why not...

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