Choose a more natural alternative

Your skin and hair love oil to help prevent moisture loss and restore suppleness and shine. But, starting with baby oil and moving on to big-brand body oils, many companies use synthetic mineral oil as their primary ingredient.

Why not choose a plant-based, natural alternative? Our tissue oil has loads of organic Rooibos extract and Vitamin E in a blend of pure grapeseed and sweet almond oils. Both oils are known for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties and success in treating dry skin conditions, including eczema and psoriasis, with fatty acids to help control acne, and retinoids that help counter sun damage.

We prefer to use sustainable sourced, natural plant-based ingredients because they are good for you and the environment. And they work!

Our Tissue Oil is clinically proven with visible results in 6 weeks in lightening scars, stretch marks and hyper-pigmentation, as well as soothing dry, sensitive skin on the face and body, and treating flaking cuticles and brittle nails. It’s a top-to-toe beauty solution rooted in the restorative, healing power of nature.

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