Why rooibos skin care in the UK?

There’s a trend towards a more natural-based life as the world rediscovers the curative properties of plants as a remedy for the ravages of modern living. People are getting to know and love the delicious, mild taste of caffeine-free Rooibos tea, and researchers are raving about its health-care benefits. The secret is the potent antioxidants that fight cell damage that can lead to serious diseases – and, of course, skin ageing too.

This is great news for the reed-like herb that’s organically grown and sustainably harvested in only one place in the world – the Cederberg mountain region in South Africa.

Like Champagne, Rooibos has its own protected geographical indication.

Our African Extracts Rooibos skin care was developed in Cape Town in 2006. It’s now one of South Africa’s best-selling brands, with a loyal fan base and almost 100 000 Facebook followers. Bio-Active Rooibos extract is its key ingredient, along with other plant extracts and vitamins.

And, as Rooibos tea has grown more popular, the demand for Rooibos skin-care products has increased too. “We’ve had so many requests from the UK for African Extracts Rooibos products, and finally we’ve launched it here,” says Rob Tiffin, CEO. “The first wave is our Classic range, which is a top seller in South Africa, and our anti-ageing Advantage products, but UK customers will see many more of our facial and body products available in future.”