Why it matters where it comes from

In a world where nothing is as it seems, it’s no wonder that ‘provenance’ is a buzzword. As with the food we eat, clothing we wear and devices we use, the source of the natural extracts in our skin-care products matter too. That’s why African Extracts is so proud of the provenance of our Rooibos extract. We can trace where it comes from – right from the plants growing wild on the mountain slopes and plains of the Cederberg mountains to the Face Wash in your bathroom.

Watered only by the rain that falls out of the clean mountain air, fertilised only by the minerals of the ancient soils and harvested by hand with scythes, the green leafy plants are loaded onto wagons and taken to a state-of-the-art plant where pure steam and water are used to extract the antioxidant goodness. Our extract is certified organic, and Fairtrade guarantees ethical labour practices. All our products meet the rigorous safety standards of the EU. So when you see the authentic natural rosy colour in our Face Wash and Scrub, you share in the amazing Rooibos story – from the heart of Cederberg to the centre of your beauty world.