Too soon to worry about wrinkles?

It used to be that anti-ageing products were aimed at the women way past 40, but how times have changed. As we understand more about how changes in the skin begin to happen, it’s clear that the time to think about treating skin damage is just north of your 30th birthday.

The fairer your skin the more likely it is to show early signs of ageing, but darker skin tones can also be dry and vulnerable to destructive ultra-violet exposure. It’s not just sunshine, but also urban air pollution, the effects of stress, poor diet and lack of sleep – not to mention smoking – that reduce your natural immune levels. They unleash chemical reactions and free radicals in the body that disrupt the skin’s natural repair and regenerating capacity which happens at night.

Beauty sleep alone is not enough to keep your skin looking fresh, dewy and youthful.

Fine lines and wrinkles, changes in pigmentation, the appearance of freckles and eventually a loss of firmness are the progressive signs of skin ageing. The secret to timeless beauty is that prevention is better than cure. This means being diligent about skin care, and choosing to use richer skin-care products aimed specifically at countering the signs of ageing. The fairer your skin tone, and the less oily your skin, then the earlier you should consider switching to an anti-ageing range.

The Advantage range is packed with antioxidants, which fight free radicals, courtesy of high levels of Bio-Active Rooibos and antioxidant vitamins. The products also contain anti-ageing complexes of natural plant extracts designed to target each of the visible signs of ageing.