Handle with care

Washing your hands often could be a lifesaver, but it does tend to dry out the skin and make your hands feel tight and uncomfortable. Take some time out to deliver some loving care with the soothing power of rooibos.

Start with a gentle scrub, like our Classic Face Scrub with finely ground apricot kernels and rooibos leaves, to remove dry skin cells and the dehydrating residue of soap and sanitizer. Then layer on our moisturising Hand and Nail Cream with Vitamin E and Chamomile extract, massaging into your cuticle and nail area.

For an extra treat, rub a few drops of our all-natural Tissue Oil, with its nourishing base of sweet almond and grapeseed oils, into the backs of your hands and around the nail area at night. You’ll wake with the softest, smoothest hands ever.