Face masks – 7 ways to keep your skin happy

Face Masks

Wearing a mask every day helps keep us safe – but it also makes skin more sensitive and more likely to develop problems. Keep your skin clear and happy during this mask-wearing season, with these skin-care tips.

 1. Choose your fabric

It’s important to consider the kind of material you are wearing on your face. Invest in masks that are made out of a material that is soft, natural, and breathable, such as cotton. It will be a lot more gentle on your skin.

 2. Wash or toss

Germs and other particles collect under your mask – so it’s essential to wash your mask after every use to avoid breakouts. Throw that used mask into your laundry basket and wash it with your next load. Easy peasy.

Don’t be tempted to keep reusing the paper masks – protection lasts only a day.

 3. Cleansing is key

Cleansing your face is as important as washing your mask. Use a gentle cleanser (like our soothing Rooibos ones) to remove the sweat, moisture, bacteria and toxins expelled in your breath from building up on your skin. Clean skin feels fresh and ready to take on the rest of the day.

 4. Use a toner

Toners help  restore the skin’s pH levels, close pores, even out your skin tone, hydrate the skin, reduce acne and blackheads and even protect your skin from outside impurities. It will also prep your skin for other products.

 5. Top up moisture

Even if your skin feels moist, wearing a mask draws water from your skin leaving it dehydrated. Choose a moisturiser to soothe, soften and hydrate, while strengthening the skin’s surface barrier to prevent irritation and friction that can lead to dry or rough patches.

6. Treat your skin

When you have time to relax without your mask, apply a serum, like our Advantage Serum, with hyaluronic acid and Jojoba to rebalance the moisture and oil in your skin. Consider adding a night cream to your beauty routine to nourish your skin and boost cell renewal while you rest.

 7. Remember SPF

A mask tan isn’t cool. So don’t forget to apply a sunscreen on the exposed parts of your face or a day cream with an SPF15 or more. 

Lastly, just like you, your skin also needs a break now more than ever. So when you can, don’t wear makeup and enjoy the ‘natural look’. Because you are beautiful just the way you are!