Cleansing - Step 1 to beautiful skin

The miracle of skin is that it continues to regenerate every day. Over time, this natural ability to repair and renew itself slows, unable to keep up with the daily damage inflicted by exposure to UV in the sun, polluted air with hundreds of chemical particles, heavy metals and gases coming into contact with the epidermis, or surface layer. These cause damage that becomes increasingly visible over time – irritation, growing sensitivity, discolouration and dark marks, and ultimately premature ageing with lines, wrinkles and sagging facial contours.

Your first line of defence is a commitment to cleansing twice daily – in the morning to remove impurities that result from the skin’s own regeneration processes, and in the evening to remove all the harmful particles, dirt and makeup of the day.

African Extracts cleansing products are formulated with Rooibos extract, which is full of antioxidants proven to counter the effects of free radicals in the cells of our skin and other organs. Free radicals interfere with the skin’s own regeneration processes, which leads to a dull, discoloured, ageing complexion.

If there’s one piece of advice from skin-care experts is that beautiful skin requires consistent care, because there are no quick fixes when the damage is done. That care begins with cleansing that gives your skin’s natural defences a fighting chance against a hostile world.