Choosing animal-friendly skin care

Animal-friendly skin care

African Extracts is one of the most widely available and affordable brands in South Africa endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty. This means that our products and their ingredients are not tested on animals.

Many multi-national brands, including some of the biggest names based in Europe or the United States, face questions from consumers. Although testing cosmetics and skin-care products on animals in banned in Europe, companies that export their products to China, for instance, accept that China currently requires animal testing, which is done in Chinese laboratories.  Many say on their websites that they do not test their products on animals, except where specific countries’ legislation requires it. And this usually results in the death of animals.

We don’t test on animals because not only is it cruel but it’s also unnecessary as there are many laboratory tests that can ensure that skin care products and ingredients are safe to use.

Almost all our products are vegan-friendly and contain no animal ingredients.