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tissue oil

Clinically proven results in just 6 weeks

Independent testing by researchers at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Department of Wellness Sciences has clinically proven the effectiveness of our Tissue Oil enriched with organic green Rooibos extract (aspalathus linearis) in treating scars from acne, surgical operations and burn wounds, stretch marks following pregnancy and weight gain, dry sensitive skin, acne and dehydrated skin damaged by exposure to wind and sun, dry cuticles and brittle nails and hyper-pigmentation.

The regenerating effects of the Tissue Oil were measured, using skin analysis and photographic imaging, after three weeks and again after six weeks, with visible improvements seen for all participants.

These were some of the findings:

- Scars less elevated and lighter in colour
- Stretch marks on hip area less visible, more refined and lighter
- Skin hydrated, more supple and less sensitive
- Cuticles hydrated, flakiness visibly improved
- Nails appear healthy and shiny and nail growth has improved
- Skin on legs shows improved hydration levels, with less itchiness and surface flaking
- Acne scarring significantly improved and less visible
- Acne is clearing up and less congestion noted
- Acne scarring on cheeks and chin less visible with fewer breakouts
- Burn wound scar significantly improved – almost invisible
- Hyperpigmentation visibly improved and appears lighter on chin and upper lip